The “All In” Snow Day

Hooray for a snow day!  Says most parents never (smile).  If you are one of those parents wondering “what will we do all day” and video games, iPads, and Kindles aren’t the answer, check out my list. Let me encourage you to enjoy this time with your child.  Normally our weekends are full of running […]

Our Reading Comprehension Journey

The idea that the teacher was going to be able to help my child with his reading comprehension problem during the day was an unrealistic expectation! We had some amazing teachers. We had small class sizes with only 11-13 students in a classroom. These teachers were Classically trained and could dissect a piece of literature […]

My Homeschool Curriculum 2015-2016

My homeschool curriculum choices are in and we are ready to go!  This is my second year of homeschooling, so I enjoyed having a baseline to make changes to. When I select my curriculum, there are a number of factors I take into consideration:

My 3 Year Old Reader

Here are the steps I used to teach my 3 year old how to read. The process took about 5 months after he learned the uppercase and lowercase letters. I combined technology, Montessori material, and a simple song to solidify his mastery in reading. Each child is different so just enjoy your time together with your little one […]