The All In Snow Day

IMG_0971Hooray for a snow day!  Says most parents never (smile).  If you are one of those parents wondering “what will we do all day” and video games, iPads, and Kindles aren’t the answer, check out my list. Let me encourage you to enjoy this time with your child.  Normally our weekends are full of running errands, cleaning house, running to an athletic game, or sitting at a dance or Tae Kwon Do lesson.  Be in the moment with your child today. During the time they are away from us, they miss the hugs, kisses, affection, words of encouragement, laughter, and freedom to be themselves like only a parent can provide.  Declare this snow day a day of uninterrupted, quality time with your child.  They need this time with you!  Are you “All In?”

I’ve created 2 list.  One list is designed to meet the emotional needs of a child who may not be with their parent for more than 2-4 hours per day when you consider school, after school activities, and sleep. The other list is a for academic excellence, learning something new, sharpening communication, or building life skills.

What else would you add?  Have a great day!

Heart Activities

#1 Go play in the snow together!!

#2 Fix a big breakfast in honor of them. Go around the table and give them “breakfast awards.” Stand up at the table and announce…“In honor of your beautiful heart toward others” or “In honor of always remembering to put your shoes up, brush your teeth….” or “In honor of giving the biggest hugs, I give you the egg (or eggo) award!” Applause.

#3 Lay out a blanket and have an indoor picnic for lunch.

#4 Watch one of their favorite shows with them. Let them sit in your lap or hold their hand. Give them a kiss every now and then during the show. (without the smartphone)

#5 Find a part in the day to lay on their bed or call them in to lay on yours and just speak words of life and encouragement. “You know I think about you when I’m at work. I’m glad I get this time with you. You are so special to me and I thank God for you. I want you to know how blessed I am to have you as my son. Your smile is beautiful. I love your eyes, your nose, your ears, your hands, your toes, I love watching you grow. I want you to know that you are a son of God. You have a special place in the heart of God (who created the sun and the moon, trees, mountains). That’s a big deal! He is with you every where you go. He loves you no matter what. His desire is to always be with you. He’s created you to be awesome and you are. I love you, but oh my…our God loves you even more….”

#6 Take a few pictures out from when they were a baby to now and discuss some special times growing up.

#7 Establish “hug and kiss time”. Every time you yell “hug time” or “kiss time” go and find them and hug and kiss them up!

#8 For the infants, toddlers…lay in the floor, grab them and just hug, kiss, and play with them (uninterrupted). Dance with them. Gently jump and twirl them around.

#9 Have a dance party. Turn on some clean music and just dance. Add a little spice by turning the music off and on. Everyone has to freeze, when the music goes off and start dancing when it comes back on.

#10 Have a cup of hot chocolate together.IMG_4459 copy

#11 Tell them “mommy (daddy) loves you” at unplanned moments all day. Yell it from every part of the house. When you’re in the bathroom….“SARAH!!!!!! (wait for them to answer) Mommy loves you! When you are in the kitchen cooking lunch…“SARAH!!!!!! Mommy loves you. In the shower…“SARAH!!!!!! Mommy loves you!

#12 Take a moment and worship with them.  Let them hear you thank God for them during your prayer.  Here is an layout I posted on Facebook  Worship Wednesday on Facebook

#13 Observe their hands and fingers and kiss them.

#14 Make a word cloud with your child.  Use positive, life-giving words to describe how wonderful they are! (Word Cloud)

Mind Activities

#1 Go play in the snow together!!  Discover something and make observations.

#2 Scavenger Hunt ( Outdoor Hunt or Indoor Hunt)

#3 Take pictures with smartphone and create a Snow Day Flipagram

#4 Watch a TedTalk by a young person (Talks to Watch With Kids)

#5 Brainstorm TedTalk topics for your student to create (What Students Can Learn From Giving a TedTalk)

#6 Complete a STEM project (STEM Resource for Kids)

#7 Pull out that instrument from the closet and take a lesson on YouTube

#8 Complete The Hour of Code using Angry Birds – age 6+ (Angry Birds Hour of Code)IMG_3377

#9 Review sight words (110 Sight Words)

#10 Create an iMovie or video on smartphone (use real people, dolls, or Lego figures)

#11 Start a foreign language (Duolingo or Pronunicator)

#12 Start a mock business (

#13 Correct graded work from school

#14 Watch a documentary on Netflix

#15 Review math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

#16 Play a board game

#17 Practice spelling words for this week and next week

#18 Read!

#19 Complete an art class on YouTube

#20 Complete a graphic design tutorial on YouTube

#21 Discuss a solution for the kids who won’t eat today because they are out of

#22 Practice public speaking using a memory verse or nursery rhyme (record on cell phone and discuss improvements)

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  1. Danielle T.
    Danielle T. says:

    Love the list! My 3 boys finished up their weekly work early in anticipation of the snow. They spent almost 2 hours outside both Friday and Saturday. The goal was to build a snowman. It was interesting to watch the methods they used to melt the ice just enough to create a ball. I loved the determination they had to create a snow angel. Snow is a great stimulus for creative thinking.


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