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Time has expired on the idea that our students are anything above standard without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

There are students around the globe that know more, read more, invent more, learn better, spell better, test better, solve mathematical equations better, prove a scientific hypothesis better, communicate better, hit a ball better, make more touchdowns, make more 3-pointers, dance better, sing better,draw a better picture, says their lines in a play better, takes the cutest pictures better, and may worship their god better…there’s no scarcity of talent when it comes to our children.

The defining position for our student is the relationship they have with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and the reflection of that relationship lived out in their lives.

So as I officially launch this blog, I want to unapologetically first establish the foundation and align our standards to the Kingdom of God. Our priority as parents, educators, ministers, is to know God and to make Him known to our students. There is no subject we can teach effectively, no high-performing school that can educate completely, no experience we can give, and no fulfilling life we can provide to our student if those areas are not grounded in the Most High God.

Let’s begin our journey:

  1. Begin connecting the student to their Creator in the womb. Be intentional about connecting every aspect of their lives to the Most High God from birth until the time they leave your home.
  2. Assess their lives using the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Lovingly plant Godly seeds to produce Godly fruit.
  3. Make spiritual development (not church attendance, but a daily walk with the Father) a higher priority than all other area of development.  Academics, sports, the arts, and socialization all become secondary to your students spiritual development.

Feel free to comment and share. Welcome to the All in Mom!

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  1. L. Jackson
    L. Jackson says:

    I love this. After much prayer and discussion, my husband and I have decided to homeschool our two boys (currently kdg & 7th grade). Their spiritual development is most important to us; however, we also want them to become problem solvers and creators of new ideas. It’s been our experience that the public school system (in its current state) is unable to provide the basics for their academic growth. I will delve into The Pentagon a bit more.

    • Melanie
      Melanie says:

      Congrats on beginning your homeschool journey! You are talking my language. Holistic development is my goal too. I want our sons super close to God with the ability to walk in their talents in any environment they are in. High five to you! That’s for commenting!


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