I Am A Child of the King

Hi there! Years ago, my husband brought home a book called, “Prayers That Bring Change,” by Kimberly Daniels.  At the beginning of this book, there is a prayer she calls, “My Blessed Prayer.”  The beautiful thing about this prayer is that it is simply a collection of scriptures that say who God says that we are.  It doesn’t get any better than that! My children were a little young at the time, but I made the commitment that once they reached 5 or 6 I would plant this seed.

Everything in me believes that once God tells you who you are, and that becomes your foundation, nothing can shake you.

  • Dealing with a bully?  God says, “You are a child of the King.”
  • The culture tries to tell you who you are? God says, “You are a child of the King.”
  • Your best friend didn’t invite you to her sleep over?  God says, “You are a child of the King.”
  • Low-self esteem? Why? God says, “You are a child of the King.”
  • People want to judge you because of the color of your skin?  No worries. God says, “You are a child of the King.”
  • Trying to determine if you want to have sex before marriage? Your mom will kill you…plus, God says, “You are a child of the King.” 😉

From the womb to 5, my husband and I have introduced, taught, connected, and engrained who God is into every aspect of our children’s lives.  Now it was time to tell them who they are in God.

Here is what I did. #2 came before #1 due to the age I introduced this prayer to them. My sons actually memorized the prayer at a younger age and we went back and had them find it in the scriptures when they were older.  I wanted them to know this wasn’t someone just making up a bunch of good words.  These were the Holy words of the Most High God:

  1. Complete the fill in the blank worksheet with your student. AIM Blessed Prayer  If they are old enough, see how well they are able to find the scripture and fill in the blank on their own.  There is something special about our children searching the scriptures.  As we started our search, I must admit I was a little frustrated. Being at a Christian school for years and attending children’s church regularly, they couldn’t fill in some of the blanks during this exercise. On the other hand, it also made my heart smile as they eagerly used the table of contents to find books in the Bible that they normally don’t study. The entire prayer, with blanks filled in is in #2.
  2. Chop the prayer into sentences (or small phrases) and have your student repeat after you until they retain it. My Blessed Prayer Add on line by line until the entire prayer is memorized. We did most of this in the car every day.

If you are up for the challenge, comment below and send me a video once your student memorizes the prayer. I’d love to have hundreds of videos of young people saying who God says they are!  Enjoy!

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    • Melanie
      Melanie says:

      Awesome! Keep us posted on your progress. I would love to post a video once you’ll finish. Maybe we can get more families to join us!

  1. Roz
    Roz says:

    Awesome and Amen!! You have inspired me to start teaching this to my 4 yr old now rather than later. She already knows some of these scriptures that I have her recite everyday, but I believe she is capable with God’s help to learn me. Thank you for sharing this compilation.


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