Children Pray for the Nations

After the terrorist attack in Paris, my heart was broken.  I couldn’t imagine the immense fear and hurt the people of Paris were experiencing. How could we annihilate ISIS?  How could I protect my family? Is it safe to attend events with big crowds?  The spirit of God in me quickly reminded me that this […]

God Defines Awesome

Time has expired on the idea that our students are anything above standard without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There are students around the globe that know more, read more, invent more, learn better, spell better, test better, solve mathematical equations better, prove a scientific hypothesis better, communicate better, hit a ball better, […]

I Am A Child of the King

Hi there! Years ago, my husband brought home a book called, “Prayers That Bring Change,” by Kimberly Daniels.  At the beginning of this book, there is a prayer she calls, “My Blessed Prayer.”  The beautiful thing about this prayer is that it is simply a collection of scriptures that say who God says that we are. […]